Acceleration Robotics

Acceleration Robotics


Build customized brains for robots

Acceleration Robotics is a firm focused on designing customized hardware, or “brains”, that speed up a robot's operation. In particular, the company creates custom compute architectures for high performance robots through hardware acceleration solutions (CPU, FPGAs, GPUs and combinations).


The Robotic Processing Unit (RPU)

Robotic Processing Units will empower robots with the ability to react faster, consume less power, and deliver additional real-time capabilities with their custom compute architectures that fit the usual robotics pipelines. This includes tasks across sensing, perception, mapping, localization, motion control, low-level control and actuation.

Acceleration Robotics Spain

Our headquarters are located in the capital of the beautiful Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain. Drop us a line if you're around and would like to meet us in person.

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