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We are amongst the top experts globally on the Robot Operating System (ROS), including ROS and ROS 2. Our work is well known, widely distributed and used. Our robotics consulting services focus on helping our clients design specialized robot compute architectures and streamline various robotic processes using open source including ROS and Gazebo, so that you don't spend time reinventing the wheel and re-developing what already works.

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Beyond the usual robotics pipeline (sensing, perception, mapping, localization, motion control, low-level control and actuation), our areas of expertise applied to robotics include Artificial Intelligence, hardware acceleration (across compute substrates), systems architecture, interoperability, embedded systems, real-time, hardware modularity and distributed synchronization.

Some of our past work


RobotCore: An Open Architecture for Hardware Acceleration in ROS 2


FogROS 2: An Adaptive and Extensible Platform for Cloud and Fog Robotics Using ROS 2

Adaptive Computing in Robotics

Adaptive Computing in Robotics, Leveraging ROS 2 to Enable Software-Defined Hardware for FPGAs

Kria Robotics Stack, A ROS 2-centric Approach for Hardware Acceleration in Robotics

Time-sensitive networking for robotics

Time Synchronization in modular collaborative robots

The Hardware Robot Operating System (H-ROS), an infrastructure to create interoperable robot components

Towards a distributed and real-time framework for robots: Evaluation of ROS 2.0 communications for real-time robotic applications

Real-time Linux communications: an evaluation of the Linux communication stack for real-time robotic applications

Modular And Self-Adaptable (MASA) strategy for building robots

HRIM: the Hardware Robot Information Model

gym-gazebo2, a toolkit for reinforcement learning using ROS 2 and Gazebo

Robot_gym: accelerated robot training through simulation in the cloud with ros and gazebo

Hierarchical learning for modular robots

Towards self-adaptable robots: from programming to training machines

Extending the OpenAI Gym for robotics: a toolkit for reinforcement learning using ROS and Gazebo

ROS2Learn: a reinforcement learning framework for ROS 2

Evaluation of deep reinforcement learning methods for modular robots

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